Eyebrow Microblading & Digital Machine Course

Welcome to our Microblading and Digital Machine Course.

You should have now received your kits and workbook that will assist you in your online learning.

Learning outcomes

  • Read the learning material
  • Watch video demonstrations
  • Complete module quizes
  • Once you have reached Unit 8 in your manual, you may commence practicing on your practice pads provided.  Make sure you practice each technique, everyday, ready for your practical training.
  • Practising as much as you can will build your muscle memory, and get you ready for in salon training much faster 

Contact your assessor and trainer for further assistance

Nicole Campbell
0413 240 546

Course Content

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UNIT 1 - Introduction
Unit 3-Microblading/Feather Stroke Technique
Unit 4-The Digital Machine Technique
Unit 5 - Business Management