Healing Stages day 1-5

Day 1: Finely detailed, slight redness

Day 2-4: Brows appear a few shades darker and more-crisp and have a filled in-look as they form a light scab

Day 5-12: The scab naturally exfoliates, peels, and flakes away over the course of several days. A new layer of skin has formed over the tattoo, making it appear that the pigment on the brows is too light.

Day 10-30: The colour may still appear too light, but the pigment will slowly rise to the surface of the skin. Around 28 days is where true results appear and adjustments can be made.



  1. Before applying a thin layer of healing cream, wet a cotton pad, and squeeze out excess water. Gently cleanse the brows using a windscreen wiper action. Apply a thin layer of healing cream twice daily (morning and evening) with a clean finger or cotton tip, wiping off excess cream with a clean cotton tip or tissue.
  2. Avoid exercise/sweating for 48 hours after the procedure, as this can cause your pigment to be pushed out of the skin during the healing stages. Avoid saturating the area with water, other skin products, and makeup on the brows for the first 4 days. 
  3. Whilst showering apply a layer of cream to the brows without wiping off the cream – wash your hair and body avoiding direct contact of water to the brow area – a few splashes of water is fine, no saturation of water on the brow area.
  4. After showering wipe off cream on the brows and pat dry.
  5. In the morning you may apply foundation and mascara, just avoid the brow area for the first 4 days, using a cleansing wipe to remove your makeup at night.
  6. Do not pick or scratch the tattoo. Do not thread, wax, or use hair removal products on the treated area while healing. Avoid sun exposure, swimming pools, saunas, and spas.
  7. After the first 5 days of healing, you may wet your whole face in the shower; this is when the scabbing on the treated area will slowly start to come off, making the brows appear lighter.
  8. Stop applying your aftercare cream, and you may now treat your brows as you normally would. 
  9. You may apply an eyebrow pencil to the brows until your perfecting session, or until week 4 when all strokes created have risen to the surface of the skin.