Combination Brow Technique practice pad demonstration

Learning Objectives

  • Practice the combination brow technique to be ready for your in clinic training
  • As the name suggests, the combination brow requires the use of both the manual microblading technique and the shading technique, with the shadowing (shading) implanted through the mid-section of the brow, concentrating on areas where there is no hair, and also shading over your microblading strokes. This technique is perfect for a client that has thick natural hair, as the micro bladed strokes can sometimes look too fine in contrast to the client’s natural hair. Therefore, shading this area creates a more ‘blended’ look, and adds more depth to the microbladed area.  This technique is also excellent for thick skin-types and skin that bleeds easily. The shading over the microblading can create better retention for these skin types. 
  • Shading requires a stippling method that uses repetitive dots of pigment. In your in-salon training, you will be shown the correct technique for shading a brow.

Combination Brow Technique Tools

Combination Brow practice pad video demonstration part 1

Combination Brow practice pad video demonstration part 2