Compliance with Health and Safety Guidelines

  • As a business, you have a legal duty to provide a safe service to your clients. It is strongly recommended that you undertake a risk management assessment to understand and undertake all precautions. Identifying potential hazards in your clinic ensures that you can provide a quality service to your clients, as well as reduce workplace health and safety risk.

Infection prevention and control-basic requirements

Legislative requirements for the industry are stated below:

  • The clinic/salon must be kept clean
  • Any tools that involve penetrating the skin must be sterile at the time of use
  • Any tools that have been contaminated must be disposed of immediately and appropriately 
  • Technicians must keep themselves and their clothing clean
  • Technicians must not have exposed cuts, wounds or abrasions
  • Each client must be given written health information in regard to the possible risks with undertaking a skin penetration procedure. 
Ink (including pigments and dyes)
  • Do not re-use pigments
  • Appropriately store pigments to prevent cross contamination
Stencils and outlines
  • It is important to make sure that your stencils are clean prior to applying them to a client’s skin
  • Single-use stencils are recommended
  • Apply clean soapy water to assist with fixing the stencil to the client’s skin or baby wipes
  • Do not apply stencils with re-usable applicators