Correct disposal of waste

  • As a business, you have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for your employees, customers, visitors, and of course for yourself. This includes providing a clean environment that safeguards people from needle-stick injuries or exposure to medical waste. Safe Work Australia states “Where practicable, sharps bins/containers should be installed to reduce the number of inappropriately discarded sharps “.
  • At Mien Brows we use the company Initial Hygiene for our clinical waste bins and sharps containers. The information below provides an overview of EPA Guidelines for Medical Waste – storage, transport, and disposal SA Sept 2003 legislation.

Storing medical waste

  • The legislation states that there is a requirement for the storage of medical waste to be done in a manner that is not offensive and minimises the threat to health, safety, or the environment.
  •  All medical waste containers need to be stored in a secure location and that all necessary equipment required to clean and disinfect the area in case of accidental spillage is easily available and accessible. Note, you should treat any waste mixed with medical waste, as medical waste.
  • You will need a clinical waste bin to dispose of these materials.Sharps should be placed in a suitable container that is puncture-resistant, leak-proof, shatterproof, and able to withstand heavy handling. It should display the universal biohazard label and have a label indicating its contents. The container should have an opening which is accessible, safe to use, and designed so that it is obvious when it is full. Finally, it should be sealed when full or ready for disposal and be handled without danger of the contents spilling or falling out.
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Collection and transportation of medical waste

Medical waste needs to be collected by a transporter, licensed by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to collect and transport such waste. 

Disposal of medical waste

Medical waste must be destroyed in an incinerator licensed by the regulatory authority in the state or territory in which the incinerator is located. We recommend Initial Hygiene to provide you with a medical waste bin and sharp containers for your clinic. There is no excuse for not providing a safe, clean, and hygienic work environment.