Hygiene in the workplace

In the notes that follow there is a lot of detail relating to hygiene and safety. It is vital to understand these disciplines to prevent your salon equipment from becoming a source of cross-infection and a danger to yourself and your client. You will be using a range of sterile products during the cosmetic tattooing procedure, and they MUST be handled in a way that keeps them sterile.

Sterile products in eyebrow salon are :

  • Sterile saline solution/ water wipes
  • Sterile gauze/ cotton pads
  • Sterile gloves  
  • Sterile machine parts 
  • Sterile needles/ blades
  • Face masks
  • All sterile supplies have ‘use by dates’, therefore, it is important to keep records of your sterile supplies, purchase dates and place of purchase. Make sure you check the use-by date and integrity of your sterile supplies at least once a month, and before you use a sterile product on a client. 
  • It is also important to store your supplies away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. Dedicate a clean cupboard, with a washable surface to store your sterile supply, and keep the cupboard clean by washing the surface with liquid disinfectant  followed by 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes over all surfaces. 
  • If the packaging of any of your sterile supply is damaged, open or expired, they are no longer sterile and cannot be used. Whilst performing cosmetic tattooing procedures make sure you have extra sterile product supplies near your workstation so that you do not have to retrieve any from your cupboard during your procedure.   
  • If you leave your workstation to obtain supplies during a procedure, make sure you place your gloves in the correct waste bin then wash and sanitise your hands. Once you have placed your supplies onto your sterile workstation, wash and sanitise hands again and apply a new pair of gloves.

An extremely important discipline is hand washing. View our video demonstration below on hand washing.

Here is a step by step guide for hand washing.

  • Wet hands with warm water
  • Using soap dispenser apply sufficient soap to cover all hand surfaces
  • Rub hands palm to palm
  • Rub the back of each hand
  • Rub both hands while interlocking your fingers
  • Rub the back of your fingers
  • Rub the tips of your fingers and nail areas
  • Rub your thumbs and the ends of your wrists
  • Dry your hands with a single-use towel
  • Do not touch the taps when turning off water
Students are required to treat hygiene very seriously.