Measuring and ‘Golden Ratio’ technique- an introduction

  • Great artists proportion their works according to the golden ratio. Throughout history, artists like Botticelli and Leonardo DaVinci have used the golden ratio, or variations of it, as the basis for their compositions. Using this method, you will give your clients properly proportioned eyebrows that frame the entire face based on their bone structure. This method will also bring balance and symmetry to all of their facial features. This is a scientific approach to improving your clients’ overall look.
  • By using the golden ratio, we improve the overall structural appearance of the face by achieving symmetry. The golden ratio is an ancient mathematical ratio that appears recurrently in beautiful things in nature, two of countless examples are sunflowers and pine cones. The ratio is often referred to as “Phi”. Many great artists have proportioned their works according to the golden ratio, as it is believed to be aesthetically pleasing, a famous example is the Mona Lisa.
  • According to the ratio, a face with perfect symmetry is where the forehead is the same length as the nose, the eyes are perfectly positioned and spaced apart, and a person’s face is about one and a half times longer than it is wide. It is important to note that even when using the golden ratio technique, it is impossible to create the same brow on both brows. 
  • Both sides of the face have different bone structures and muscular tones, therefore this will affect the natural shape of both eyebrows and where they sit on the face.  One side of the face may have a stronger muscle for example, which means that one eyebrow will sit higher than the other.
  • Brows are sisters, not twins, and it is important to explain to your clients that although we do follow our brow mapping technique to achieve balance and symmetry, the clients bone structure and muscular tones will play a role in the final result. The procedure is also done by a human, not a machine, therefore there will be slight differences on both of the brows.

Beauty fads come and go, and eyebrow shaping is no exception.