Personal appearance

Personal presentation is a must in the beauty industry. You are representing your brand, or the brand of the company you work for by your appearance, and how you communicate with your clients. 

  • Your clients will notice all of these details. 
  • In the beauty Industry the smallest of details matters.
  • It takes 7 seconds for you to make a first impression when you first meet someone.
  • A first impression is an event when one person first encounters another person and forms; a mental image of that person.  It is therefore especially important to take pride in your appearance, have a clean and tidy look, and a happy vibrant warm manner about yourself.
  • Clients will look at your cosmetic tattooing, and often ask what you have had done to get an idea of what their tattoo may look like.  Having your brows cosmetically tattooed would be a bonus, either way, make sure your makeup is on point and you are looking your best. 
  • Service that involves penetration of the skin, and working very closely within a client’s personal space, great care must be taken by the practitioner to ensure their appearance, body odours, and mouth breath are flawless. Particular attention should be paid to your hand and nail presentation, clean and tidy pulled back hair, as well as your makeup application. 
  • These are important factors that your clients will base their opinion as to whether you are the right artist for them, and what kind of result they will expect from your service. Appropriate clothing should be worn by all practitioners and in a busy salon, a uniform is encouraged for a professional appearance.  When interacting with your client, be honest and friendly with your clients, but also firm and confident when explaining the procedure and what they are going to expect during their healing stages.