Professionalism and ethics

  • If you want to build a good reputation and a successful business, professionalism is the key. Having a high standard of professional conduct is fundamental when dealing with clients. This involves personal and salon presentation, and continuous training to keep up to date with new techniques.
  • Do not discredit other technicians to promote yourself. Especially if you are going over someone else’s work. It is recommended that you only talk about what YOU would do and how YOU operate your business. Remember that clients can judge for themselves and if you provide a better service and treatment it won’t go unnoticed. 
  • You’ll find that lot of clients are very friendly and they will discuss private matters with you. Please keep these to yourself as per the Privacy Act 1988. DO NOT repeat what a client reveals during a procedure. Not only to other clients but also to family and friends. Remember that you have the client’s medical information in their notes. This information is strictly confidential, and you do need their permission to let others access that information.
  • In a busy salon with multi-client beds, voices carry so be wary of your conversations.