Salon presentation

  • Your salon/workspace must always be clean and free of mess.  Put aside a period in between your appointments to clean and sanitise the area properly, and set up your workstation. Clients never want to feel that you are rushing.
  • Take into consideration that your client could arrive a few minutes late. You don’t want them to think that they are not receiving your full attention and dedicating them the time required for a procedure or consultation. If you have less time to complete a thorough procedure and/or consultation for your client due to their late arrival, politely explain to your client that due to the limited time left for their appointment, that it would be best to re-schedule their consult for another time.
  • If you need to reschedule their procedure appointment and they are more than 15 minutes late, politely explain your “arriving late policy” (which you should have on your website and reminder notices for your clients appointments). Reschedule your clients appointment, preferably with another deposit due to the procedure taking up 2 ½ hours of your day.  By taking deposits for your client’s procedure, your client’s will take the procedure and your time more seriously, and you won’t have to deal with “no shows”.
  • 15 minute consultations should be free of charge as a consult is a very important process in educating your client on the steps involved in the procedure, and if it is the right choice for them. Your client should feel relaxed in your salon space and feel as though they are in safe hands.