Setting up treatment materials for a cosmetic tattoo procedure

Once you have all your sterile equipment setup and ready, you can commence your procedure set up shown below step by step.

  • Wash and sterilise your hands and apply a face mask which you will be wearing throughout the entire procedure (deleted apply gloves)
  • Wipe over your work area and any equipment with a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe – you must use a separate alcohol large wipe to disinfect each surface/and equipment
  • Open procedure pack or set up a station with a water-resistant dental bib
  • Open sterile supplies and arrange on dentil bib
  • Make sure you have enough supplies to complete the procedure in your trolley drawers, such as saline, cotton tips and gloves
  • Place barrier wrap around the lamp and where needed
  • Place pigments needed on the workstation and wipe over with alcohol swab
  • Wash and sterilise hands
  • Apply gloves 
  • Assemble machine/ or open sterile needle and place on microblading disposable tool, clean with 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe

Note: when you commence your in-salon training, you will watch live demonstrations of all procedures, including setting up your workstation, clean up procedures, and hand washing technique.

Set up Procedures & Clean Up Procedures /Pre and Post client, and End of day

Pre client

  • Mop floors with cleaning solution and hot water
  • Clean all surfaces with large alcohol wipes
  • Wash hands and sterilise
  • Set up treatment space open sterile supplies ready for the procedure
  • Wash hands and sterilise
  • Apply gloves

Post client 

  • Place sharps in a sharp container
  • Dispose of procedure consumables in the appropriate waste bin
  • Wipe down all surfaces, lamp and bed with large alcohol wipes using a separate wipe for each surface
  • Wipe any spills on the floor with alcohol large wipe
  • Wash (hands delete) and sterilise hands

End of day

  • Wash and sterilise hands
  • Wipe down all surfaces with large alcohol wipes using a separate wipe for each surface
  • Mop floors with hot water and hospital grade cleaning solution
  • Make sure any stock required for next day is placed in your workstation drawer
  • Make sure your saline bottle is filled.

View our demonstration for setting up your work station