The Brow Stencil

Always have your clients sitting up when you are creating an eyebrow stencil. When your client is lying down their facial muscles will move and your measurements will not be accurate. Sitting up and re-measuring is important to do after your first pass during the procedure – always sit your client up on the bed facing you to re-measure your stencil before you proceed with your Second Pass.

Practise, Practise, Practise

This is one of the most important steps to create a perfect eyebrow for your client. You must know every step of the string measuring method, and practice on as many faces as you can. Measure your friends and family over and over until it becomes second nature.  It takes time to perfect the art of drawing a stencil on the brows. Be patient and before you know it your muscle memory will kick in, and you will be an expert at the art of creating the perfect eyebrow stencil.

When creating an eyebrow stencil, it is important to remember that the muscles on one side of the face will be different to the other i.e. the tail area of the brow bone may protrude more than the other side, making it appear as though the tail of the brow disappears behind the bone. 

Also, an underlying muscle may be more prominent in the front to mid-section of the brow.  When the client expresses their face as they talk or when looking in the mirror, a client will tend to use these prominent muscles without realising it and the brows will appear uneven to them when they view their brows in the mirror.

Explain to the client that measurements are done when all facial muscles are resting. When we use our brows when we speak and express ourselves one brow will move more than the other which is completely normal. When in doubt, pull out your string and measuring calipers and re-measure the brow.

If your clients wear eyeglasses, when their glasses sit on their nose it is common for the top of their glasses to sit crooked, as their nose may not be structurally straight. This can make the brows appear uneven. 

Explain this to your client.

Again, it is impossible to create mirror image eyebrows.  One brow will always look slightly different from the other.  Brows are meant to be sisters, not twins! Ask for your client’s opinion and meet your client in the middle when creating a brow that they would like.  

Explain to your client how we create symmetry and why. We aim to create as much balance and symmetry as possible, creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the face.

The perception of beauty is subjective; we just know it when we see it.

However, evidence shows our perception of beauty is hard-wired. Using the Golden Ratio, we can craft brows striving to achieve the perfect balance to the face. The Golden Ratio appears extensively in the human face and can be used as a blueprint for minor changes that dramatically enhance physical beauty. At Mien Brows we use this mathematical technique along with the latest in equipment technology to best achieve a perfect look.

You will need the following equipment to create an eyebrow stencil:

  • Black string
  • Kohl pencil
  • Eyebrow sharpener
  • Small ruler
  • A thin crayon eyebrow pencil
  • Alcohol small wipes 70% isopropyl
  • Water wipes / or Saline
  • Tissues
  • Cotton buds
  • Eyebrow razor / or disposable tweezers
  • Phi ratio tool/callipers
  • Measuring caliper
  • Mirror
  • Cosmetic tattoo surgical marker 

Most of these products you can find in your kit provided or can be purchased at


The stencil is done to create the shape and placement of the eyebrows and is an outline for you as an artist to create the first stage of the cosmetic tattoo process. Explain to your client that the final result will not look as thick and scary as the stencil, and show them a before and after photo to reassure them of what the outcome will look like.