Understanding how infections can occur

  • Under the Victorian Health guidelines for personal care and cosmetic tattooing services, it is a vital aspect of your course to learn infection prevention and control. A business should provide professional, safe and hygienic practices for staff and clients in a sterile environment. 
  • Not practicing health and hygiene standards can lead to the spread of infectious diseases, which can directly affect the client and the business owner. 
  • The proper use of PPE and hygiene compliance can avoid viruses that are contracted via blood-to blood contact such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. Therefore, a thorough understanding into how viruses and infections can occur is vital for individuals undertaking procedures that involve skin penetration and accidents that can result in blood-to-blood contamination. 
Tools that are used to penetrate the skin that has been in contact with blood or bodily fluids can result in an infection occurring. Infection may occur when:
  • Hygiene compliance is not adhered to 
  • Technicians re-use exposed instruments on clients
  • Clean and used instruments in contact with one another 
  • Clean instruments placed on unclean surfaces
  • Single-use instruments are not discarded immediately after use
  • Single-use gloves not immediately disposed of after use
  • Blood and contaminated instruments that are in contact with open cuts, sores or broken skin can lead to infection. Also note that blood does not have to be visibly seen on an instrument for an infection to occur.