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The Healing Stages of Eyebrow Microblading

When you visit our clinic at Mien Brows in Melbourne, you will be provided with an after-care kit which includes a pamphlet showing you step by step […]

The Golden Ratio Method

Using the Golden Ratio method at Mien Brows, we can create brows using your own facial bone measurements and structure! This method can be used as a […]

Beauty from the inside out with Amanda Campbell

What does inner beauty mean to you? Inner beauty means knowing who you are, what you stand for and what you are made. It is about establishing your […]

What would I tell myself now as a new Cosmetic Tattoo artist, knowing what I know now…

If I was a fresh new artist, learning from the beginning, what would I tell myself then, knowing what I know now… Number 1To hone your skills […]

Why we offer complimentary consultations for our clients

One on one consultations are crucial for a variety of factors. For you, as a client, it allows you to come into the clinic and make an […]

Five things to know about Nicole from Mien Brows

Five things to know about Nicole from Mien Brows   1.  I am incredibly passionate about eyebrows In Year 9 of High School I had an aggressive case […]