Five things to know about Nicole from Mien Brows

Five things to know about Nicole from Mien Brows


1.  I am incredibly passionate about eyebrows

In Year 9 of High School I had an aggressive case of Chickenpox; I was covered head to toe in scabs including my eyebrows! One evening, a boy who I was hanging out with at the time, wanted to come over and visit me. I looked at myself in the mirror and Ahhhhh! 

So, in my panic, I proceeded to pull off all the scabs off of my face, AND Eyebrows! Big mistake… Big … Huge! As I looked down at one of my scabs from my eyebrows, I saw chunks of hair embedded, roots and all, leaving an ident on my skin – which later I realised would result in my eyebrow hairs never growing back… also leaving lovely scars on my forehead 


A few years later I researched Cosmetic Tattooing and found an artist who tattooed areas of my brow that needed filling in… And I never looked back…


2. The Mien Brows Academy

I created the Mien Brows Academy because I loved training my artists… This developed when I was growing my team and, I would teach them the “Mien Brows Method” of Eyebrow Microblading. I also wanted each and every client who came to Mien Brows to have the same experience – I wanted every client to experience the same level of customer care and performance from any one of my Artists and maintain that standard on every level of our services.  


At Mien Brows Academy, one of my favourite things to do is The Master Classes. 

This was created to upskill artists whom have already completed their fundamental training, but don’t feel quite ready for the workforce, or artists who feel they need a refresh in their technique and are not happy with their current healed results. Guiding, mentoring and building confidence in any areas that my artists feel they haven’t quite mastered brings me so much joy.


3. I am a twin

I have a twin sister, Amanda. Amanda is in the health industry and is a highly regarded Sports Kinesiologist, who has an incredible story to tell of overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. Her Business is called Bend Like Bamboo 

Growing up, I too battled an auto immune disease called Crohn’s Disease; this was also the catalyst for my journey to a career in the Beauty Industry. 


4. Chloe, my puggalier

My dog Chloe is my world – she is the cutest, and you will probably see that she is a regular appearance on my social media pages.


5. Interior Design

If I was not in the profession that I am in now, I would definitely be an Interior Designer. 

Maybe it’s because of my slight OCD of needing my surroundings to look a certain way to feel a certain way  I am a very visual person.

When I was still living at home, I used to drive my family to tears! They would come home, and I would have re-arranged the furniture, and put away all items that cluttered the space. Then no one could find anything, everyone would get frustrated…  but I thought it made perfect sense to have items put away neatly into a cupboard  The action of creating a new space made me feel good. It was almost like moving to a new house or going on a holiday – 

I like things looking neat, ordered and beautiful. It makes me feel calm inside. I strongly believe that your surroundings hugely reflect how you are feeling on the inside; so a neater and ordered space around me reflected that feeling for me in my mind.


So… that is five things to know about me, Nicole Campbell 

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below 