The Healing Stages of Eyebrow Microblading

When you visit our clinic at Mien Brows in Melbourne, you will be provided with an after-care kit which includes a pamphlet showing you step by step what to expect during your healing stages from week 1 – 4, and how to take care of your brows at home during this time. Pictures are also included giving you a visual aid on to what to expect. 

Week 1

On the day of your treatment the pigment in your skin will not look too dark at all, the main change will be the transformation of symmetry and balance to your eyebrows. If this is the first time that you have experienced Microblading, you may feel like you have more depth to your brows that you are not used to seeing.

The pigment on the brows will be darker and more prominent on day 1-4 due to slight scabbing on the treated area. During this time, you will be asked not to saturate the brows with water when showering. You will be applying a barrier cream provided on the brows to protect them from splashes of water before you have your shower. 

You will also be applying a thin layer of this cream morning and evening. You may apply foundation on the face during your healing stages (avoiding the brow area on week 1), and we suggest applying a heavier makeup look, such as mascara, bronzer and a red/pink lip, which will balance the bolder look of your brows during this time.

On Day 5 you will wash the brow area properly under the shower. The scabbing will be slowing start to fall off – you must not pick at these scabs as you will be pulling out pigment from the skin – instead keep the area moisturised by applying cream provided by Mien Brows morning and night.

Week 2 – 3

You may not be able to see all of the strokes created on the brow during this time of healing. Once all the scabbing has fallen off the brows, some of the pigment will fall beneath the surface of the skin. This is due to the skin healing internally, whereby a “milk skin” is formed over the tattoo.  This is also due to the skin tissue still healing from the inside out, even though the surface of the skin is healed. 

From week 2, you may use an eyebrow pencil/crayon or brow powder to fill in any gaps that may be present in the brow area.

Week 4-5

The pigment that has successfully held in the skin will now start to raise to the surface. The pigment and hair strokes that were implanted into the skin will have “condensed” and “shrunk” in size.

This is due to your immune system protecting your body and pushing out any foreign matter. It is important to note that this is the reason why on your first session of Microblading, we leave tiny gaps in between each hair stroke, allowing for these strokes to condense before we create more hairlike strokes on your second session, to create a more 3D denser brow.

On your first Microblading session we create a brow stencil and choose a colour pigment that is perfectly suited to your facial measurements and your skins over and under tones. When you come back into the clinic for your perfecting/second session, we then assess your skin healing, and can then create a thicker brow if needed, taking into account YOUR tattoo shrinkage (which will range from 20-70% dependant on your skin type, bleeding during the procedure and maintenance at home during the healing process).

Therefore, when the brow heals after your second session, your hair strokes will have shrunk to where we want them to for the final result. After your first session, it is also completely normal for some strokes to have held better than others. Your artist will go over any strokes that need re-enforcing from your first session and adjust your pigment colour if required.